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"Please read this product description fully before downloading
TickleMyPhone(True Remote)Free apk

Did you ever wish that there was a remote-control for your phone?? Did you ever wish that it was possible to use your Android phone to take a picture from a remote location, record a video, Make call and listen in to conversations, send text messages (SMS), get details about your missed calls, fetch exact Geo location,Get SD Card file listing

If yes, this application is just right for you. Does not matter if you are a young Techno-freak, a business man, a housewife, a grand-mom or just a fun-loving person who likes to pull pranks on friends. This application is suitable for users of all ages and backgrounds.

"Tickle my Phone" is an revolutionary next generation application for Android phones which allows you to simply control your Android phone remotely via text messages (SMS)

After you install this application in your Android mobile and send an SMS from any ordinary mobile with specific set of Keywords in the SMS, "Tickle my Phone" will execute the associated Action.

For e.g, SMS ‘CALLMEBACK’ from any ordinary phone to a phone where Tickle my Phone is installed.."Tickle my Phone" will call back the sender automatically.
SMS 'SENDPHOTO' srinath@email.com. Tickle my Phone send the live image to the email specified.

More details of the app with detailed user manual are available on our website : www.ticklemyphone.weebly.com

SMS Keyword and its respective actions are given below.

  • CALLMEBACK:Tickle my Phone (TMP) application will call back the sender
  • CALLBACKSPEAKER:Call back the sender with speaker phone on
  • SENDPHOTO john@gmail.com :TML application will take a Live Picture and send it as an attachment to the email specified
  • SENDLIVEVIDEO john@gmail.com:TML application will record a live video for 20 seconds and send as an attachment to the email specified
  • VIBRATEE:Vibrate the phone for 10 seconds
  • CALLNUMBERSPEAKER +14081234567 :TML will call the number specified in the SMS Body with speaker on
  • WHEREAREYOU:TML will send the GPS Location, Address with the Google map links to the sender
  • SENDALLSMS john@gmail.com: Retrieve all the SMS Text(Inbox/Sent) from the and sent to the sender email
  • RECORDAUDIO:Record Live Audio for 30 seconds and save the filein SD Card.
  • SENDAUDIORECORD john@gmail.com : Record the Live audio for 30 seconds and send the audio file as attachment to the email specified
  • SETGPS 1/0: Set GPS Ona/OFF
  • SETWIFI 1/0: Set Wifi On/Off
  • SENDMOBILEINFO:Send Mobile info viz. Ring mode,Battery remaining,Miss call count, etc
  • SENDCALLLOG john@gmail.com:Send the call log details viz Incoming Calls,Outgoing Calls,Missed Calls and plenty of more keywords supports more than 32 commands...
Lots of settings to make your life easiear for eg., Privacy and Stealth settings to hide SMS showing in inbox.


If you loose your mobile, dont worry, SIM change alert help you to get back your phone from the Thief.

We have introduced SIM Change alert settings in this version. Even if you loose your phone, you can send Tickle my Phone Commands to your phone to control.

Please note free version will have limited functionality...

However you can avail Introductory offer for full version now for just $2. It will be $5 very soon!!! Grab before it ends."

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