Download Ideal Students Android App For Std. 1 To 10 Free Education

To all the Gujarat Board students - 'Education at your doorstep' Knockdown the fear of lockdown in your school study. Invest your time by joining Ideal Student Force and transforming social distancing into distance learning. From April 1, 2020 enjoy learning from home till May 31, 2020 with no cost and gain confidence over your subjects of study before your school reopens.

Students benefits from KG to Grade 10 :

1. Self-learning while a student at home If there is any difficulty in the text book then it will proceed with clarity by watching its video.

2. Video-making revisions of each topic are done quickly and in a way that covers the subject matter, so save time.

3. Mathematics and English subjects can be of great benefit to the student in higher studies if foundation.

4. In the Ideal Student App, Mr Akshay Khatri (Mr Calculator) will teach mathematics.

Ideal Students App : Download Now

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