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In today’s ever evolving and complex world, children’s futures are determined by their ability to grasp school curriculum. At Learning Delight, we have engaged in an endeavor to simplify this process through use of technology which will revolutionize the way children are taught in schools – by digitizing all content and making it a lot more interesting. So be it Math, Science, Social Studies or Languages, learning at school now can be a delightful experience by incorporation of animation, riddles, puzzles, and stories – all certified by the state’s education boards. So far, Learning Delight has impacted the education systems of over 10,000 schools in rural and semi-urban areas of Gujarat.

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Learning Delight app provides the Gujarat State Board content for std. 1 to 8. The content is in the form of animations, videos, audio and text to better facilitate the learning experience of the child.

Features :-

Content - The content is mapped according to the syllabus prescribed by the Gujarat State Education Board. It has subjects like Mathematics, Science etc.

Quiz section - The quiz sections for standards 6 to 8 enable the child to take MCQ quizzes for each chapter and contain a large data set of questions. Each time a new question paper is generated from the same.

Results - For each quiz taken, we provide an in depth result analysis along with comparative analysis of the same question answered by other users.

We have developed E-books for standard 1 to 8 which includes Text, Audio, Pictures & Animations mapped according to Gujarat Board syllabus.

This section includes videos which helps in understanding various concepts.

This is section is based on simulations which makes difficult topics fun and easy to grasp.

This section includes grammar for English & regional language.

This section contains animation of various moral based stories like panchtantra.

This section includes animation to emphasize on preventive healthcare & first aid for students.

The purpose of this section is regular assessment of students and focus on their academic growth.

How To Start?

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